Welcome to Lansdale Camera Club




We are a group of photography enthusiasts with a variety of experience levels and photographic styles.


Our camera club meets every 3rd Monday (unless otherwise specified), September-June at the Lansdale Public Library, starting at 6:30 PM.

Our Next meeting is Monday September 21, 2020.


LCC 2020 Summer Scavenger Hunt


Hi All, The summer of 2020 will look different for us but the fun challenge of our photo scavenger hunt will hopefully assist with the “new normal”


Here are the 10 categories for this summer and 2 Bonus Categories


Photos taken between June1, 2020- September 21, 2020 (our 1st scheduled meeting)

(there will be an email later this summer on how to label & submit your photos)



1. Back Yard Critters


2. Circles


3. Cite/Site/Sight

(1 photo from which ever category you choose)


4. Family


5. Fencing


6. Isolation


7. What Home Means to You


8. Foul/Fowl


9. Love


            10. Social Distancing/Quarantine related

             (1 photo per category for submission)
             Bonus Categories:

           1. The “New 2020 Norm” 


        Find an archived photo of a place, event,or person(s) and take a photo of how that has changed in 2020. Submit Both Photos for the challenge.


                     2. The long and the short of it:


                Take 3 Photos of the same scene from the same spot with 3 different focal lengths
1.  Under 35mm

2.  50-100 mm

             3.  More than 100mm


         A select # of Prizes  will be drawn from those members that complete all 10 categories.


               1 Grand Prize Winner will be drawn from those members that complete all 10 categories PLUS the 2 Bonus Categories.




 Enjoy the Summer!! Stay Healthy and Safe.  Look forward to seeing you all in September!









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