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Old lenses on new Digital Rebel XTi
2006-09-03 14:21:31Old lenses on new Digital Rebel XTi
James Walcroft
Well look at this, I get to post the first message in this new forum section of the site. The forums will be a great way to communicate & I hope people just try it out to get a feel for it. Go ahead, you won't hurt anything! And join our club! Anyway, I am looking at a new dslr, that being the new Rebel XTi. I was looking at the new Sony dslr, the Alpha, but the Canons have such a great CMOS sensor, that I came back to Canon when the new model was announced (it'll be a few weeks before it is available). Since I can't afford to spend much on lenses, I will start with the 18-55 kit lens and go from there. I was wondering if anybody has or knows of bargins in used lenses (for 35mm cameras) that would fit. Old Canon lenses won't work, but some other brands do with the right adapter. I would prefer fast, automatic lenses.Has anybody tried to use older 35mm slr lenses via a third party adapter on their dslr? Obviously there is more work invoved when taking pictures this way, but that's OK. Lemme know what you think about this approach! Thx.Jamie
2006-09-09 19:29:09The Nikon D200 can! :)
Rob Trueman
Hey Jamie,My Nikon D200 can use any lense with the D-series (or later) Nikon mount. I think this came out in the 50's! :) Good luck with the Rebel! See you on the 18th!Rob
2006-09-20 18:21:09Canon Lenses
Arnold Winkler
Hi Jamie,I saw your posting about getting the new Rebel XT - I am jealous! I do have a Canon 20D which I am using with lenses from my Canon EOS A2E. I do not have a single lens from Canon, I have Sigma and Tamron with the EOS mount and they do work nicely. Sigma has a quite good Macro lens 28-85mm.I hope to meet you at one of the upcoming meetings and I will happily show you my lenses and howe they fit on your XT.
2006-09-20 19:15:15Canon 20D
Bill Krantz
Hi Arnold. I also have a Canon 20D. Perhaps some of us could meet at the library before the next meeting to share notes. -Bill
2006-09-21 11:48:04Canon 20D
Arnold Winkler
It would be my pleasure to meet with you and discuss lenses and other 20D experiences. I will try hard to reserve the evening of October 16 (since I retired, I am too busy ...). If you, or Jamie, or anybody else wants to call me before that, please do so - I am at 610-275-7674 in Blue Bell. Looking forward to meeting you.

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