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Camera Cleaning
2010-05-10 14:24:46Camera Cleaning
Marty Squicciarini
I think it's time for me to get my camera cleaned but I have a few questions. First how often should I get it cleaned? Where do I take/send my camera to get cleaned? Will they update the firmware or do I have to request that as an extra?Thanks, Marty
2010-07-06 21:08:51
Rob Trueman
Hey Marty!Some pros say you should clean your camera (inside and out) every time you take it out. Personally, I haven't cleaned my sensor (I assume you're concerned about the sensor) in months. I really need to take a look! I normally clean it every month or before and after a major shoot. It's not that hard to do, but take it a professional if you're not comfortable with it.I'd wouldn't hesitate to take it to Cardina Camera in Lansdale. Terry is their camera repair guy and he is, by far, the most talented individual I've met when it comes to the insides of a camera. I believe their camera cleaning, which includes the sensor, is around $60. Give them a call.RobRobert Trueman

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