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Looking to buy WIde angle Lens-need help
2011-01-16 08:56:14Looking to buy WIde angle Lens-need help
Rose Bonner
Hi All. I am going on a workshop in Mid-February and would like to buy a wide angle lens (zoom?) for my Canon EOS Rebel T2i. The lens would have an EF-S mount. The type of photography I will be doing on the workshop is mostly landscape. I am certain in the future I will be using the wide angle for more than landscape.I started looking into Tamron Lenses but there are SO many different types. Any suggestions on how I go about this? What focal length do I go for? What is the "angle of view"? Do wide angles come with image stabilizer or is that a given?My favorite lens at the moment is Canon 18-200mm with Image stabilizer.Thanks for your help!Rose

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