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Hi! I'm Wanda. I have been a member of the camera club since 1995, when it was Norristown Camera Club. I am a past club president, for a few terms and a past vice president for even more. I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I used whatever basic camera my parents owned at the time and always had an interest in preserving moments on film. I took my first class in photography my senior year in high school. That was all black and white, developing our own film and printing in a dark room. Once I got out of college and started to make some money, the photography bug bit me again. I took a class that was offered at a photo studio, bought my first SLR, and started doing photography for the art of it. The instructor critiqued our photos and I received enough positive feedback and encouragement for me to feel that I had some ability that was worth exploring further. He also recommended joining a camera club. I haven't turned back since. I had my first SLR for 20 years, until last winter (2008), when it started having serious problems. I bought my first digital SLR then. I had only used a digital point and shoot prior to that. I am enjoying my new camera very much and learning alot from it. I am generally known in the club for being creative/artistic with my photography. If you are looking for technical information, I am not the person to go to. If your are looking for ideas and an open minded approach to photography, then I can help you. I don't have limits on subjects that I photograph. I explore and try to take advantage of any opportunities along the way. I focus on trying to get an image that will have something different than what every other person has seen when they stood in that same spot. I love travel, nature, color, texture, and I have a growing appreciation for the value of putting people in an image. Im afraid to fly, so my travel is generally not international, but I manage to find lots of very interesting things that aren't that far from home. I think that a person has to be bold to advance their photography skills. You have to be willing to try things you have never tried before, share your results, approach people and interact with them. I love it!

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